About RMW Web Publishing

We aim to excel in every area of online services - from small brochure sites to contract work on national portals - we have the skills to make your business succeed on the internet.

Online best practices are difficult to master - the fundamentals of internet technology can be easy to understand. As a result, even novices can build websites. But building a usable, accessible and device-independent website is quite challenging. Understanding how to use HTML correctly and mastering CSS and JavaScript can involve a steep learning curve.

Our aim is to show you how your website can be much more than an advertisement for your business. We'll show you how to gain greater efficiency and improved business practices though utilising the internet. Your website will become a valuable asset of your business.

See our wide range of services we offer to achieve this.

About This Site

This site was designed by our web designer, Rowan. The theme revolves around a photo he took while holidaying in Far North Queensland. The snap was taken on a dirt road just south of Atherton, the tablelands behind Cairns. He 'reckons this is his favourite place in Australia (second only to Bathurst). While these graphics are quite large the site is still usable while the images load and even with the images disabled entirely. We have also made a print style for the website so your ink doesn't run out - try printing this page to see.

General theme colouring for this site was inspired by SWAT Camo on COLOURlovers. The logo was designed by Rowan almost 10 years ago, but here it is shown with an Adobe Photoshop effect to modernise it.

The HTML and CSS behind the design is minimal and semantic for natural SEO and improved accessibility (for less capable web browsers and assistive devices).

For additional user interface effects we make use of the jQuery JavaScript library to make light work of the navigation effects, page scrolling, the light-boxes on the homepage, pulling in external feeds and form validation.

I hope you like it? We enjoyed designing it.

Why does this site look like this? Your browser has become outdated and does not support recent web standards. You're welcome to use this page as is, although we suggest upgrading your browser. This page is designed to look it's best in Firefox although it will work as intended in the latest version of most popular browsers.