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Welcome to the website for Bathurst Web Design and Web Development business - RMW Web Publishing. We develop websites for Bathurst's local (Central West) businesses along with businesses all around Australia.

Why Web Design in Bathurst?

Our business founder, R Walker, decided to move to Bathurst, after running his Web Development business in Western Sydney for over 8 years, after the birth of his first child. Not wanting her to grow up in the city and to live a more relaxed lifestyle - with the benefit of spending more time doing anything other than sitting in traffic trying to get from A to B like you do in Sydney.

Setting up a Web Development business in Bathurst has been quite easy (as with most places). Bathurst has all the services needed to run an internet connected business - broadband internet (ADSL2 & 3G) and a good power supply (that's all you need!). Bathurst is also not that far from Sydney for client meet-ups and industry events (Google Developer Days, Web Jams and Web Standards Groups are regularly attended). Bathurst is also close to lots of State Forests & National Parks so when we need a break: we can really disconnect from our online lives and "head bush!"

So no matter where you are in NSW, Australia or the World contact RMW Web Publishing to see what we can do for your website.

About this Page

There's a good chance you landed on this page after looking for "Bathurst Web Development" or "Bathurst Web Design" as we rank really well for these phrases in search engines. This page is a testament to our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills as we ranked well for these terms only 2 days after putting up this site. This page is already ranking higher than many other Bathurst Web Design businesses that have had sites online for many years. So if you want your business stand out from your competition, let us show you how.

Update: in less than a month we rank ~#2 for many Bathurst Web Site Design type search variations on Google, Yahoo!7 (depending on your preferences and location).

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