Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)


It pays to keep to regularly tend to your customer database. At some point a form on your site will be filled out by a robot/script or a deceptive user who has no real interest in your product. These "fake customers" should be removed from your site.


There are few good reasons you should look after your database:

  • It's an asset - a good database can take a long time to grow, and when used correctly can give great returns for your business
  • Accurate reports - what's the point of creating reports if the data behind them is inaccurate?
  • Avoid being blocked - sending email to invalid addresses could cause your domain to be marked as a SPAM sender. Even real addresses my be blocked from receiving your email. Once you are added to a blacklist, it is very hard to get off

Do this as you are notified, or as a batch each month. Click though to the "fake customer" record from an email or use the Live Feed on your site's Dashboard.

  • From the Case or Customer Summary, click Work with customer details in the Action Box
  • Then click Delete
  • Please OK to confirm the removal of the customer record

Repeat this for each fake customer.

If you get a excessive amount of fake customers created each month talk to us about implementing measures to try a stop these accounts (note that this will also marginally hamper real users).

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