What to Write About

Writing engaging content can be one of the most time consuming and daunting tasks for a website owner, but it doesn't have to be.

Set aside time each week with the sole goal of telling the world something interesting about, or even just related, to your business. Ask you staff help contribute.

Choose the medium that fits you best. If you can say all you need to in a sentence or two, use a social network and your announcements module. If you have a strong opinion with a lot to say about a particular topic, write a blog post.

Whenever you go to the effort of writing content, make sure it's seen by as many "eyeballs" as possible. Publish your content to each of your social networks, your announcements module and even consider adding it in whole, or as an excerpt with a link, in your next newsletter.

Being open and honest about your business in a public space may seem like a risk considering your competition is probably watching (just as you should be watching them), but disclosure is one of the best sales tools for trading online. It allows people to build trust in you by seeing that you are real. Don't be afraid to admit you were doing something wrong, but be quick to publicise your improvement. It also allows people to see that you have an active customer service channel giving them the reassurance that if something goes wrong with their purchase, someone is there to help them.

Below are some points of inspiration if you are stuck for something to write about.

Quick Updates

  • sales or specials
  • industry news
  • new products or services
  • new staff member
  • change of operating hours (e.g. holiday periods)
  • upcoming events (e.g. trade shows, product launches)
  • staff training days
  • website changes
  • newsletter mailouts (tell them where to add themselves to receive the next one)

Detailed Insights

  • new premises (detail when will you move, why, contact details, photos, plans)
  • new business partner/supplier (detail who they are and what they offer you and your customers)
  • business merge or takeover (detail why, when, who's new, what changes)
  • awards & accreditations (detail why you, what for, what will you do with it)
  • industry changes (form an opinion on the change and discuss what it means for you)

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