Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This page will grow over time and change as search engines change how they index sites.

Meta Data

META data is added to the HTML of your webpage, that while not visible to humans, will be readable by website crawlers (like search engine spiders). Due to abuse in the past this data does not have a big influence on your page ranking, but maybe show on the search results page. Your description should give a compelling reason to visit your site in one snappy sentence. Keywords should be words that are related to the "gist" of the rest of the page content. For example if you were writing about cats you could use abstract words that may not be used in the content of your page but would still assist someone searching for a similar topic (like feline, fur-ball, purr, kitten, cub, etc.).

Each time you create a new page you should make a habit of:

  1. (after saving the page) Clicking the Add meta data to Web Page button in the Action Box
  2. From the dialogue that appears click description from the list
  3. In the Value field enter some descriptive text applicable to this page
  4. Repeat this step for keywords

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