Google Analytics

Your website would have been set-up to track visitor statistics using Google Analytics.

Google Analytics enables to you view detailed stats on the visits to your site in various broken down reports. Such as:

  • Total Number of visits over time - an increase can be a good indicator of something done right on your site
  • Search Terms - these are the keywords visitors are entering in a search engine to find your site. Does your site rank well for these words? Would some SEO make it even better?
  • Referrals - an informative look at which sites people are visiting right before coming to yours. You may want to build a partnership with the referring site to get even more visits from them
  • Browsers - see what browser visitors are using to view your site. If you notice a lot of mobile devices, maybe we could optimise your site for a better user experience when using this device
  • Paths - follow how users move though your site. Are people digging to deep to a particular page? Can we link to it from the homepage to reduce the path to this popular content?

Using these reports you are able to see if your investment in a website is paying off compared to other marketing activities. You can also use the stats to get a better insight into your potential customers and then target your site to better serve them, with the aim of getting more conversions.

Getting the reports

  1. Go to Google Analytics
  2. Log in with your Google account
  3. In the top-right choose RMW Web Publishing from the drop-down. If you do not have this option please Contact us
  4. Click View Report next to your website name
  5. You will now see your website statistics

See Google Analytics Help for more details

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