Webmail: Gmail

It may take some time to get used to used to if you have been using a traditional desktop email client for years, but once you get used to it there are some great benefits:

  • Google like fast Search changes the way you hunt for emails
  • Threaded message view shows you the conversation between related emails
  • Unified use from any computer without out the need to setup (great if you use multiple computers)
  • Labels allow a single message to exist in multiple categories (not just one folder)
  • Gadgets are a growing list of tools that extend what you can do (like reminding you if it thinks you've left off an attachment, or previewing in flickr images & YouTube videos from links without leaving your inbox)

To access your Google Apps Hosted email using webmail go to:

If you still like the speed and notifications of a desktop client but still want the benefits of the webmail version, try Mailplane (it's what we use at RMW Web Publishing).

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