Business Catalyst Announcements

Announcements, like Blogs, are a great way to keep your website fresh and keep your stakeholders informed. A website that looks like it's keep up-to-date will give visitors confidence that this business is active and cares about it's appearance and professionalism.

You should make an announcement each time you have something news worthy to inform the public. So ideas for an announcement could be:

  • New products
  • Planned closing (eg. Xmas/New Year period)
  • Conference/Expo/Speaking dates
  • Business Expansion
  • New business partnerships/relations
  • Policy changes
Announcements are normally reserved for "Press Release" type articles, where a Blog can take a more personal persona.


You add an announcement to your site to spread the news about an achievement or other newsworthy item. The best way to distribute information on the internet is by the use of an RSS feed (read about RSS). Your site would have been set-up with such a feed when the Announcements module was added. Each time you create a new announcement be sure to add the article to your RSS feed. Do this after saving your announcement:

  1. Click "Add to an RSS channel"
  2. Then from the dialogue choose the Feed name and move it to the right list box
  3. Click "Close"

Any feedreaders will now syndicate your new content.

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